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Boost your creative skills and knowledge


Learn from industry experts

Join our workshops to learn invaluable food photography and business skills from professionals in our industry, such as Fanette Rickert and Lucia Marecak.

We host several live and virtual workshops for our members throughout the year to help you improve your skills, keep up with the evolving industry trends and grow your business!

We currently do not have any workshops planned for the remainder of 2023. Please stay in touch with us on Instagram for any announcements!


Members 2 Members

Our community is filled with talented creatives who each have their own individual experiences that we can learn from.

Our Members 2 Members concept is a space where members can take the stage and share their knowledge and experiences with others.

It’s a great way to build strong connections within the community as well as give you the opportunity to speak in front of a friendly audience! Sessions are free to attend.

Upcoming Members 2 Members Sessions

How To Create Beautiful Recipe Videos with Marta Grabowska

July 2023