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Participate in our popular Instagram challenge


What is the challenge?

There is always something new to learn in photography, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to practice!

That’s why we host a monthly photography challenge on Instagram – to encourage you to try photographing something new every single month! It might be a completely new subject for you, or you’ll be inspired to shoot something familiar in a different way.

It’s also incredibly inspiring to see other photographer’s entries when you’re feeling creatively stuck, so we hope you’ll join us!


Win Amazing Prizes

Each month you have the chance to win great prizes simply for submitting an image to the challenge!

Most Instagram photography challenges have judges choose the best image to win a prize, but we want to celebrate everyone who takes part and give you all an equal chance of winning! Winners are chosen randomly at the end of each month.

From ebooks and ceramics to coaching sessions with professional photographers, there are lots of fabulous prizes to be won!


How to participate

It’s really easy to take part in our monthly challenge! Check out the themes below and submit your image(s) to Instagram using the tags and hashtags below:


#trysomethingnewwith[insert theme here]

Don’t forget to tag us @foodcreativesnetwork



View the upcoming themes for our monthly IG challenge to get ahead and plan your images!

  • January: Reflections
  • February: Smoke & steam
  • March: Bokeh
  • April: Product / commercial / advert
  • May: Light & Shadow  
  • June: Outdoors
  • July: Textures 
  • August: Storytelling
  • September: Complementary vs split complementary colours 
  • October: Lifestyle 
  • November Gatherings 
  • December: Holidays

Looking for a fun and interactive community to be part of?