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Made by food creatives, for food creatives

The Food Creatives Network was founded by Anna Janecka, Davinia O’Shea and Linda Hermans in 2020.

The three of us are food photographers based in London and initially connected on Instagram. However, after the pandemic, we were all looking to make deeper and more meaning relationships with other food creatives.

We decided to host a face-to-face event in Central London in October 2021. More than 15 food photographers joined us and had an amazing time chatting about our creative journeys.

After the success of this event, we decided to join forces and create a global network for food creatives!

Our mission is to facilitate relationship building between creatives, improve our members’ photography skills through interactive and fun learning opportunities as well as create unique opportunities to collaborate and work together.

We hope you’ll join our thriving community!

Anna, Davinia & Linda xx


A quick introduction…

Anna Janecka

Anna is a London-based food, beverage and product photographer, food stylist, and recipe developer.

In the 2020 lockdown, Anna changed her profession and became a full-time food photographer and educator. She loves making food look as tasty as possible and enjoys creating and styling new dishes and playing with composition and colours.

Davinia O’Shea

Davinia is a photographer and foodie who believes that food (and life) is all about moments, connection and stories.

Splitting her time between working with photography clients and empowering young minds affected by youth violence, Davinia understands the value in using creativity as a tool for transformation, growth and empowerment.

Linda Hermans

Linda is a food, travel and lifestyle photographer who loves to work with sustainable food brands, restaurants and hotels to create beautiful imagery for their marketing campaigns.

She also teaches food photography to aspiring creatives through 1:1 coaching programmes and her online course and ebooks.


A radiant, connected community

We’d love to welcome you on Instagram and in our private Facebook group! That’s where you’ll find more community members and have a chance to see everyone’s stunning entries to our monthly #trysomethingnewwith photography challenge.

We’re signed up to the Buy Me A Coffee scheme, which is the perfect way for our members to say thanks and support us! Your kind donations help us continue to grow and create amazing events for you.


What we do

Events and workshops to help you grow your network and improve your creative skills. 

Interactive Workshops

Our live and virtual workshops are focused on food photography, business and mindset to help you thrive in all directions.

Be Part of A Community

Join a supportive global community of creatives who love to share their knowledge and journey with each other.

Photography Challenges

Participate in monthly themed food photography challenges on social media to practice and learn new skills.


Looking for a fun and interactive community to be part of?